Capacitively-Coupled Resistivity

Knowledge in the Field

Capacitive coupled resistivity is a relatively new technique which straddles the boundary between DC resistivity and EM surveys. CCR systems inject low frequency alternating current into the ground using long wire antennas acting as capacitors and records voltage fluctuations created by variations in the resistivity of the ground. CCR surveys can be conducted rapidly and, if conducted at multiple separations, can be used to map two dimensional resistivity structure.

AGL Delivers

Aurora Geosciences conducts CCR surveys with a Geometrics OhmmapperTM system modified for winter snowmobile-towed operation in the Barren Lands of northern Canada. AGL pioneered the application of these surveys in diamond exploration and has used them in uranium, gold and base metal exploration as well. We deliver plan maps of apparent resistivity for single separation surveys and pseudosections of apparent resistivity for multiple separation surveys. AGL offers 2D interpretation of CCR data using the UBC GIF DCIP2D inversion package.


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