Silver Range Resources

An iron formation-hosted gold prospect located 440 km northeast of Yellowknife, NWT.

Kestrel Gold Inc.

Val Jual Property

Aurora Gesociences managed the 2017 RC Drilling program for Kestrel Gold Inc. providing geological, and logistics support for the program.

Blind Creek Resources


Aurora Geosciences completed the staking of the 3992 ha AB Property is located in the Mackenzie Mountains of the NWT, 263 km west of Norman Wells.  Prospective for Mississippi Valley-Type (“MVT”) Pb-Zn deposition, exploration has located coincident geological, geochemical and geophysical features that may represent large buried mineralized systems.  Access to the property is by helicopter from a nearby exploration camp serviced by twin engine float planes.

Kivalliq Energy Corporation - Angilak Project

Angilak Project

Silver Range Resources

Skylight Project

In June 2017, Aurora Geosciences on behalf of Silver Range conducted a three-dimensional induced polarization (3DIP) survey over a grid centred on the silica caps at Skylight. The survey defined a network of chargeability linears, collectively forming a network with a nexus centred beneath the region of the silica caps. Elevated gold, silver and arsenic values are associated with several of these linear chargeability anomalies. The southern terminus of the most prominent appears to be the target inconclusively tested in Rimfire hole RC07-04. This failed to reach target depth but nonetheless intersected 10.67 m @ 0.490 g/t Au. Surface rock samples collected in this area returned 0.53 g/t Au and 0.86 g/t Au. The chargeability linear follows a gully with an associated clay alteration zone containing dickite and hydrothermal kaolinite.

Results of exploration work to date at Skylight indicate that it is underlain by a nearly completely preserved epithermal system and that the system is gold-bearing. The recent geophysical surveys have defined the system’s structural architecture and identified an area where fluid may have been most intense. Silver Range is designing a drill program to conclusively test this system, targeting the linear chargeability anomalies with best geochemical suppo

Eureka Resources Inc.

Tak Project

Aurora Geosciences managed the planning and execution of Eureka's airborne geophysical survey as well as the geological sampling, mapping, prospecting, and geochemical sampling on the Tak Property over the course of the 2017 season as well as the ongoing exploration efforts on the property.

Sabina Gold

Aurora Geosciences has been involved in performing ground geophysical surveys with Sabina Gold since the early days of initial discovery, and continues to be involved today.

Blind Creek Resources



Hard Cash

Silver Range Resources

The Hard Cash Property is a gold project located in the Ennadai Greenstone Belt in SW Nunavut.

Silver Range Resources

Bling Property

AGL completed ground Magnetic and HLEM surveys on the Bling Property as well as data complilation and interpretation.

Silver Range Resources

Yandle Property

Aurora has performed a number of geophysical surveys on the Yandle property including Mag, HLEM, as well as mapping and propecting.

Diavik Diamond Mine


From staking the first claims of what was to later become the Diavik Diamond Mine to performing some of the first geophysical surveys over targets that help spark the development a world class mine Aurora Geosciences has been involved with the Diavik Diamond Mine, Rio Tinto, and Dominion Diamonds in many forms and fashions over the years.  We have operated till sampling programs, managed and performed geophysical surveys, provided technical staff for logging core, and exploration drill programs at Diavik, and continue to do so.  

Dunnedin Ventures Inc.

Kahuna Project


Silver Range Resources

The Itchen Property hosts extensive iron formation with numerous gold showings.

Kaminak-Goldcorp Coffee Project

Aurora Geosciences has been involved with the Kaminak - Goldcorp Coffee Project in order to further knowledge of the project to the development stage, from supplying geologists for their 2017 drill campaign to a full suite of geophysical surveys in the form of an orientation surveys including Mag/VLF, ELF, Gravity, GPR, numerous downhole surveys, SP, and Passive Seismic Aurora continues to support Goldcorp in thier exploration efforts.

Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc.

Diamond Exploration

Newmont Mining-Hope Bay

Rio Tinto Exploration Inc

Banks Island Project

Fireweed Zinc - MacMillan Pass

Margaret Lake Diamonds

Aurora Geosciences undertook a multi type geophysical survey over pre-determined areas of interes for Margaret Lake Diamonds spring 2017. 

Margaret Lake Diamonds

Margaret Lake

North Arrow Minerals

Lac des Gras West


Aurora Geosciences has worked with North Arrow for a number of years on many projects collecting, processing, and interpreting geophysical data on a their exploration projects.

The Lac de Gras Project is located in the Lac de Gras kimberlite field, close to two of the world’s richest diamond mines: Diavik and Ekati. North Arrow considers the area to have significant exploration potential for the discovery of new diamondiferous kimberlites.  Exploration of the project is conducted under joint venture agreement with Dominion Diamond Corporation under which Dominion owns ~61% interest in the project.  Dominion is the most important diamond company in the NWT, owning an interest in both the Diavik (40%) and Ekati (80%) mines.

Previous work in the project area has included airborne surveys, till sampling, ground geophysics and limited diamond drilling. Untested geophysical anomalies and unexplained geochemical anomalies remain, but the glacial history of the project area south of Lac de Gras is considered to be complex, having been exposed to multiple glacial events.

In 2013, Dominion earned their interest in the Project by conducting an extensive, $5 million program of reverse circulation overburden drilling intended to fully evaluate basal tills for kimberlite indicator minerals.  The program utilized a helicopter portable reverse circulation drill capable of sampling a complete till column to reach basal till not accessed by previous surficial till sampling. A total of 757 overburden reverse circulation drill holes (1,704 samples) tested the basal tills of the property for kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs).  The 2013 exploration program was managed by Aurora Geosciences Ltd. of Yellowknife, NT and till samples were processed at Overburden Drilling Management Limited of Ottawa, ON.  

A $1,280,000 exploration budget for 2016 included data compilation work, airborne geophysical surveys and ground follow up work. Most recently, this past September a 3,020-line kilometer helicopter-borne magnetic/electromagnetic survey was completed.  Exploration plans for 2017 have not yet been determined.  Once a program has been decided upon by the joint venture and a budget announced North Arrow will decide on whether to participate or have its interest in the project diluted.

In order to focus spending on the drilling of two other properties North Arrow elected not to contribute its 45% share of costs to the 2016 program and Dominion elected to fund the full program and budget. As a result the Company expects its interest in the LDG joint venture has been diluted to approximately 39% (exact project expenditures not yet known). 

Copper North - Carmacks Project

Carmacks Project

The Carmacks oxide Cu-Au-Ag deposit is a road-accessible project that is being developed as an agitated tank SX-EW cathode copper producer. Following SX-EW treatment, Au+Ag will be recovered using a standard cyanide and merill-crowe recovery circuit. Mineral resources have been significantly expanded (see news release 25th January 2016) and there is a high potential to discover additional mineralization on the property.

- from Copper North's website: 2017-02-08 http://www.coppernorthmining.com/s/Carmacks.asp?ReportID=489080&_Type=Carmacks

Eureka Resources Inc.

Etta Project

Aurora managed the planning and execution of the airborne geophysical survey as well as the geological mapping, prospecting,sampling, as well as the geochemical sampling on the Etta Property during the 2017 season.

Mountain Province Diamonds

Kennady North

Arctic Star Diamonds

Slave Geological Province Road Corridor Study

An all-weather road through the Slave Geological Province (SGP) to tidewater in Nunavut has been intermittently considered by Government of the Northwest Territories (and/or Federal Government agencies) since the 1950s and by the private sector since at least the 1970s (Arthur Andersen LLP et al., 1999). The recently developed GNWT Mineral Development Strategy (GNWT, 2013) restated this commitment to invest in infrastructure to improve access to mineral potential. This study follows the 2014 GNWT Mineral Development Strategy Implementation Plan (GNWT, 2014) directive to undertake a resource access corridor study to help planning and prioritization of infrastructure to support resource development.

Silver Range Resources

Contwoyto Area

Aurora Managed a fully managed project for Silver Range Resources including: Camp, Logistics, Geophysical Surveys, Geological Mapping/Sampling, Geochemical Sampling, as well as all reporting. 

Wellgreen Platinum

Wellgreen Project

Aurora Geosciences Ltd. has provided numerous geological and geophysical surveys over the past 10 yrs to help advance the Wellgreen Property. These include Mag/VLF, surface TDEM, borehole TDEM, soil sampling, and staking. 

Bokan Mountain Project

Kendrick Bay, Prince of Wales Island, Ucore Rare Metals

Aurora has been involved in the exploration of the Bokan Mountain rare earth project since 2008. The property covers 38.12 square km (14.72 square miles) and hosts potentially economic deposits of rare earth elements.

Silver Range Resources - -Kitikmeot Gold Project

Aurora looked after the mapping and prospecting on Silver Range's South Kitikmeot Gold Project. 

Strongbow Exploration - Nickel King

Apex Resouces Inc.

Mount Anderson

Aurora conducted a "turn key" geochemical sampling, and mapping program on the Mt Anderson project over the course of the 2017 season.

Silver Range Resources

Strongbox Project

Aurora managed the geological mapping and prospecting on Silver Range's Strongbox Project for the 2017 season.

Auryn Resources - Committee Bay Project

Committee Bay Project

GGL Diamonds/Rio Tinto Exploration

CH Property

Kensington Mine Exploration Services

Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine, Berners Bay, Alaska

Aurora has been assisting Coeur Alaska with their surface exploration programs at the Kensington mine since 2012.

Klondike Gold - Eldorado Gold Project

Aurora has been involved with providing Klondike Gold with geophysical services specifically Mag/VLF data collection, processing, and interpretation.

Property Description and Location

The Eldorado Property is a 30 minute drive southeast of Dawson City within the Dawson mining district. The property consists of 707 contiguous quartz claims and 14 Crown Grants centered on the historic Lone Star Mine in the Klondike Goldfields. The quartz claims cover an area of 130.39 square kilometers and the Crown Grants cover 2.143 square kilometers.

Property Geology

The Eldorado Property is underlain by lithologies assigned to the Permian Klondike Schist Assemblage, part of the Yukon-Tanana Terrain. This unit has a complex deformation history with at least four phases of deformation (D1-D4). The so-called D4 quartz veins are gold-bearing.

Silver Range Resources - StrongBox

Aurora completed the first pass mapping and prospecting on the Strongbox property.  


Widespread surface gold mineralization 
Past production (hard rock and placer)
Geophysics defines large targets below and along strike of known showings

The Strongbox Property is located in Tule Canyon, 55 km southwest of the town of Goldfield in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The property consists of 22 Federal Lode Claims centred on Tule Canyon and covering mineralization on the east and west sides of the canyon. Video presentation available here.

The Strongbox Property is located in the Walker Lane in an area underlain by granodiorite of the Sylvania Pluton and cut by Miocene to recent NW striking strike-slip faults and N to NE trending extensional faults. The area is distal from known Tertiary volcanic centres and has not been extensively explored in modern times.

Placer mining in Tule Canyon dates from 1848 when Mexican placer miners first began work in the area and has continued until recent times. Numerous bedrock occurrences in the walls of the canyon along the length of the creek were mined on a small scale although no hard rock production is documented in the immediate property area. On the west side of Tule Canyon (West Zone), a miner named “Honest Tom” Jaggers reportedly mined his “Dark Secret Mine” from the 1890’s until perhaps the 1930’s. A recent, undocumented and more extensive underground mining operation ran on the east side of Tule Canyon (East Zone) following a strong vein which was mined over a length of about 130 m to a depth of about 100 feet. A dry wash placer operation of perhaps the same vintage mined altered bedrock near the site of the Dark Secret Mine.


More information can be found at: http://www.silverrangeresources.com/projects/nevada/strongbox/summary

Silver Range Resources

Stinson Project

Aurora managed the geological/geochemical  mapping and sampling program over Silver Range's Stinson Property over the course of the summer 2017.

Riversgold Ltd.

Southwest Alaska Project

GEM Oil Inc.

Apex Resources

Red Ridge Project

Aurora conducted a mapping, soil and rock sampling project on the Red Ridge Property this season.

Greens Creek Mine Exploration Support

Hecla Mining

Aurora has provided geological and exploration support to the surface and underground exploration departments at the Greens Creek mine since 2008.

Teck Resources

Noatak Project

Aurora conducting approximately 50 line kilometeres of IP Surveying on the Noatak Project for Teck Resources during the summer of 2017.

Eureka Resources Inc.

Sheba Project

Aurora Geosciences managed the planning and execution of Eureka's airborne geophysical survey as well as the geological sampling, mapping, prospecting, and geochemical sampling on the Sheba Property over the course of the 2017 season as well as the ongoing exploration efforts on the property.


Pistol Bay Project

Aurora Geosciences conducted a large IP Survey over selected areas of Nordgold's Pistol Bay Project during the 2017 field season.

Goldstrike Resources Ltd.

Lucky Strike Project

Kennady Diamonds

Kennady North Project

The Kennady North Project is located 280 kilometers east-northeast of Yellowknife, NT in the District of Mackenzie. The Kennady North project consists of 16 mineral leases and 58 mineral claims totaling 61,000 hectares.


Kennady North covers a portion of the southeastern Slave Geological Province, an Archean terrain ranging in age from 4.03 Ga to 2.55. The area consists of granodiorite intrusions, high grade gneisses and migmatites, with volcanic and sedimentary supracrustal rocks typical of many greenstones belts in the Slave Province.

Project History

The Kennady North Project has been the focus of numerous exploration programs since 1992, culminating with the discovery of the Kelvin and Faraday kimberlites. Exploration activity was suspended in 2003 and resumed in 2011. Exploration work has been performed by a number of operators. Initial exploration was conducted under the direction of Mountain Province Diamonds as the 100 percent owner. Subsequent to the formation of a joint venture with De Beers in 1997, De Beers Canada conducted exploration activity. In 2005, Mountain Province resumed 100 percent control over the Kennady North Project and supervised exploration through to May 2012, when Kennady Diamonds Inc. was established.

Silver Range Resources

Road Gold

Bartow Resources Inc.

Emerald Lake Project

Aurora Geosciences Ltd. completed a staking program in 2017 for Bartow Resources in the Emerald Lake area of North/Central Yukon, NE of Macmillan Pass. 

Husky Energy

Metallic Minerals Corp.

Keno Silver Project

Aurora Geosciences completed a sizeable Mag/VLF survey in 2 stages over the 2017 field season, and continues to be involved in ongoing exploration activities in the Keno Silver Project.

The Keno Silver Project is a highly-prospective, district scale, brownfields exploration property consisting of 166 square kilometres in the world-class Keno Hill Silver District of Canada’s Yukon Territory, which has produced over 200 million ounces of high-grade silver over the past 100 years at an average grade exceeding 1,300 grams/tonne. The property is adjacent to, and on-trend with, Alexco Resource Corp’s operations, one of the highest-grade primary silver operations in the world with an estimated life of mine production grade of 843g/t Ag and 68 million ounces of contained silver (M&I)1.


Coffee Creek

Kudz Ze Kayah

BMC Minerals (No. 1) Ltd,

Advanced stage VMS exploration program on the KZK project.

AMEC Foster Wheeler

Geotechnical Survey

Aurora geosciences provided crews, equipment and expertise working in the local environment to complete an EM-61 survey in order to located buried pipes in the Tulita area for AMEC Foster Wheeler.

Silver Range Resources - Gold Chief

Aurora completed a mapping, prospecting, and IP program on Silver Range's Gold Chief Project.  

The Gold Chief Property is on the east flank of Chief Mountain, 9 km north of Caliente in Lincoln County. The property consists of 8 Federal lode claims and covers the most significant producing mine in the Chief Mining District.

The Gold Chief Mine operated from the early 1900’s until 1940 with documented run-of-mine production of 5224 t @ 6.18 g/t Au (1913-1914) and 189 T @ 1.1 OPT Au-equivalent (high grading / 1937-1940). Underground development included a 131 metre inclined shaft, 300 metres of drifts and cross-cuts, and near surface stopes. Recent sampling of the back of the remaining glory hole by Silver Range in 2016 returned 14 m @ 1.93 g/t Au including 4 m @ 3.86 g/t Au with best results (1 m chip) of 4.58 g/t Au.

The Gold Chief Mine and nearby SOA Mine are hosted in Cambrian Highland Peak carbonates. Mineralization consists of wide fault breccia in the Stampede Detachment Fault and an associated lateral ramp. It has been intersected in the SOA Mine and in drill holes over a length of approximately 300 m along the Stampede fault. Precious metal mineralization appears to have originated from either the nearby Caliente Caldera or from the Cobalt Canyon diorite stock which underlies much of the Chief Mining District. There is potential for significant mineralization in the area if the favourable carbonate stratigraphy and structural network persists to the east and north.

Silver Range Resources

Yandle Project

Mapping/prospecting; HLEM; Mag - Iron Formation hosted Gold

Proxima Diamonds

In the summer of 2015 Aurora Geosciences embarked on a KIM till sampling and geophysical anomaly ground checking program.

BNT Gold Resources Ltd.

Fox Lake

Aurora undertook BNT Gold's exploration program on the Fox Lake Property completing a combination of geological and geophysical surveys including: mapping, prospecting, soil sampling, glacial till sampling, as well as IP, and Mag/VLF geophysical surveys.

Silver Range Resources - Skylight Project

Aurora Geosciences completed a mapping, prospecting, IP, HLEM, and Mag surveys.  The Skylight Property is located in the Republic Mining District on the west side of the Royston Hills in Nye County, Nevada. It covers a nearly completely preserved epithermal system complete with silica caps. It drew no attention from historic prospectors but was recognized as a significant target in more recent years and explored by Rimfire Minerals Corporation and Newmont Mining in the early 2000’s.

Goldstrike - Plateau, Lucky Strike Projects

Aurora has been involved with the Plateau Property providing professtional geophysical consulting services and surveys including IP, Mag/VLF, TDEM, as well as downhole surveys.  We look forward to continuing to support Goldstrike/Newmont with the development of this exciting project.

Golden Predator

3 Aces Project

Between June and September of 2017 Aurora collected a total of 9,700 soil samples on the 3 Aces Property for Golden Predator Resources.  As well as mag/vlf and IP surveys over the property.

Seabridge Gold - Courageous Lake Project

Courageous Lake Project

Courageous Lake: HIGHLIGHTS

[Courageous Lake Regional Location Map]

100% owned by Seabridge.
52 km long land position covers 85% of Matthews Lake Greenstone Belt.
FAT deposit one of Canada's largest undeveloped gold projects. Gold resources of 8.0 million ounces in the measured and indicated categories plus an additional 3.4 million ounces in the inferred category (see Reserves/Resources Table).
A total of 589 holes have been drilled on the FAT deposit by Seabridge, Placer Dome and Noranda totaling 169,000 meters.
An updated Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA") was released in June 2011. The study predicts annual production of 383,000 ounces of gold for 16 years at our estimated cash cost of US$599 per ounce (see news release of June 2, 2011).
A $16 million exploration, engineering and environmental program was successfully completed in 2011 to raise the PEA to a Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS). (See news release of March 30, 2011 for details).
An updated NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource model (effective Jan. 9, 2012) significantly increased measured and indicated gold resources and expanded the size of the deposit (see news release of January 10, 2012).
A PFS completed in July, 2012 estimated proven and probable reserves of 6.5 million ounces of gold, an average annual production of 385,000 ounces at an average cost of $780 per ounce and a mine life of 15 years (see news release of July 24, 2012).
An $8.5 million exploration program in 2012 focused on finding a second major deposit along the Greenstone Belt (see news release of March 14, 2012). This program discovered the Walsh Lake deposit (see news releaseof November 28, 2012).
An initial resource for the Walsh Lake deposit was announced in early 2014 totaling 4.62 million tonnes grading 3.24 g/T and containing 482,000 ounces of gold, all inferred (see news release of March 11, 2014).

All disclosure of a scientific or technical nature was prepared by, or under the supervision of, William E. Threlkeld (Licensed Registered Geologist #790 in the State of Washington), a Vice President of Seabridge. Mr. Threlkeld is a "Qualified Person" under National Instrument 43-101.

Silver Range Resources - Stinson Property

Aurora Geosciences completed a mapping and prospecting program. 

Gahcho Kue Geotechnical Drilling

Gahcho Kue is Canada’s newest diamond mine, located at Kennady Lake.

Hope Bay - TMAC/Newmont

Aurora Geosciences has been involved in the Hope Bay Mine Project since the early days of discovery by BHP (1988-1999), with Miramar (1999-2007), and now TMAC Resources.  

Silver Range Resources - Hard Cash Project

Aurora Geosciences was responsible for program management, design, and execution of a Mag/VLF survey as well as Mapping and Prospecting followed by a diamond drill program.  

High grade gold mineralization associated with a large scale shear zone
2016 float samples from the 1,400 m Swamp showing returned up to 116 g/t gold
Coincident IP resistivity lows and chargeability highs at the Swamp showing remain untested
Similar mineralization at the 4600 vein grades 35 g/t gold


The Hard Cash Property is a located in the Ennadai Greenstone Belt in SW Nunavut on the shores of Ennadai Lake. The property is 310 km NE or Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan or 700 km ESE of Yellowknife, N.W.T and is accessible by float plane or helicopter. Archean lode gold mineralization occurs at the Swamp Showing and the 4600 Vein, iron formation hosted gold at the ENN8 Showing, and gold bearing graphitic quartz-sericite schist at the Wish Showing. Phelps Dodge identified coincident chargeability highs and resistivity lows at the Swamp Showing in the late 1990s which remain a high priority untested drill target.

Silver Range Resources

Gold Chief

Aurora Geosciences was responsible for project management and execution of geological mapping/sampling, geochemical sampling, and multiple geophysical surveys over the Gold Chief Property over the course of the 2017 season.

Eureka Resources Inc.

Ophir Project

Silver Range Resources


Aurora Geosciences managed all aspects of Silver Range's Enigma exploration for the 2017 season encompassing Geological Mapping/Prospecting/Sampling, as well as a Mag/VLf and HLEM survey on select areas of the property. 

Provenance Gold Corp

2K Project

Aurora Geosciences provided Provenance Gold with Geological Consulting services, report writing and turn key project management for the 2K Project throught the 2017 field season.  1,836m of diamond drill core were recovered from 13 holes completed from Aug 7 - Sep 21.

Couer Mining

Silvertip Mine

Dominion Diamond Mines


Pembridge Mining

Minto Mine

Silver Range Resources

Hard Cash Project

Aurora Geosciences was responsible for project management and execution of geological mapping/sampling, geochemical sampling, and multiple geophysical surveys over the Hard Cash Property over the course of the 2017 season.

Victoria Gold - Eagle Gold Project

Aurora has been deeply involved in providing geophysical consulting services to Victoria Gold on thier Eagle Gold deposit.


Dublin Gulch

The Dublin Gulch property is located approximately 85 km by road north northeast of the village of Mayo, central Yukon. The Dublin Gulch claim block, which hosts the flagship Eagle gold deposit and multiple other targets at various stages of development, is considered part of the Tintina gold belt and is hosted within the mineral-rich Selwyn Basin.

The property hosts the Eagle gold deposit, the Wolf tungsten deposit and a 13 km-long belt of Au and Ag mineralization known as the Potato Hills Trend (PHT). They have also identified new gold and silver targets along the PHT.

Eagle Gold Project

The shovel ready Eagle Gold Project is the most advanced project in the region and is on track to be the largest gold mine in Yukon history.

The proposed Eagle gold mine will produce doré from a conventional open pit operation with a three-stage crushing plant, in-valley heap leach and carbon-in-leach adsorption-desorption gold recovery plant. The Company currently has year-round road access to the site, and a fully operational 100-person all-season camp on site, with a further 100-person all-season camp purchased and ready for transport to site. Commercial grid power is available approximately 45 km by road from the site, and an airstrip suitable for commercial planes is located 80 km to the south.

The project will employ 350-400 people and will be a significant economic contributor to Yukon.

The Eagle Gold Project has received all major permits for construction and operations, completed the Environmental Assessment process and has a signed Comprehensive Cooperation and Benefits Agreement with the local Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation, whose traditional territory the Project is located within.

BNT Resources

Fox Lake Project

Aurora managed the soil sampling program for BNT Resources, over the 2017 field season collecting soil as well as KIMM glacial till samples.  Also AGL was responsible for IP, and Mag/VLF geophysical surveys on the property.

Snap Lake Mine

Aurora Geosciences performed many of the Magnetic, Gravity, and EM geophysical surveys in the Snap Lake Region that helped lead to the discovery of the Snap Lake Mine.  

Eureka Resources Inc.

HAV Prject

Aurora managed the airborne survey over the HAV property during the spring 2017 season.

Panarc Resources

Indian Mountain Project

Ekati RC and Diamond Drilling Projects

Ekati Diamond Mine - Dominion Diamonds

Aurora Geosciences provided geological and logistical support for multi-year reverse circulation (RC) and diamond drilling on the Jay, Sable, Fox and Misery Kimberlite deposits between 2013 and 2016.

Dublin Gulch Property

Advanced stage gold-bearing sheeted quartz veins target.

New Nadina Exploration

Monument Property


Silver Range Resources - Enigma Project

Aurora performed Mag, and HLEM surveys as well as mapping and prospecting on the property.  

The Enigma Property is located about 33 kilometres south of Yerington in Lyon County, Nevada. It consists of 17 Federal Lode claims on BLM land. It is located in the Walker Lane Belt and is predominantly underlain by Mesozoic granite cut by a NNW trending shear zone. Gold occurs in veins and breccias within this shear zone over a distance of approximately 1,500 m. Exposure is poor and the system is best defined in electrical resistivity data. Grab samples from shaft dumps, pits and a road cut have returned up to 73 g/t Au with 10 of 41 samples collected to date returning greater than 2.0 g/t Au. The host mineralization is coarse crystalline, occasionally laminated quartz-hematite-limonite veining with disseminated pyrite, galena, and tetrahedrite. Work to date has mapped the shear zone from intermittent outcrop data and geophysical surveys. A structurally controlled 3D IP survey is planned to locate prospective shoots along the host shear zone by means of their chargeability response.

Up Town Gold

Silver Range Resources/Rover Metals Corp.

This project is an Archean lode gold prospect adjacent to the Giant Mine in Yellowknife, NWT.

Baffinland Mary River Iron Mine

Baffinland has used Aurora Geosciences exploration support services, as well as geophysics on thier Mary River Project on central Baffin Island. 

Margaret Lake Diamonds